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Dinner at Sapori, Covent Garden

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Tea graciously provided by my friend Alan, who lives near Queerer Elastics tube station

Delicious cake from Patisserie Valerie not shown, as it was eaten too quickly, but it must have been healthy, it had lots of fruit on top...

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London AzHz Meet Pizza

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Delicious leftover pizza which could have been Runia's if only he hadn't been too scared of being ganked to show up...

How to eat blueberry pie

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George, the son of my friend Iain, demonstrates how to eat blueberry pie...


Big Giant Head

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Easter island style carved stone head, in the British Museum


Westell Europe Memorial Christmas Curry 2004

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Unplanned Robinson Curry Incident

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inside the Maharajah

inside the Maharajah [alternative white balance mix]

drunkenly stumbling out of the door and tripping over mpeg artefacts

That building

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... and it didn't rain


Berlin - Summer 2002

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