Cygwin packages available on dronecode

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Since it's now much easier to install packages from additional repositories using Cygwin setup, I suppose I should mention what's available from

As well as using that to stage releases of the Cygwin/X xorg-server package to test they are installable, it also has a few packages which might be of use to someone:

  • mesademos containing all the mesa OpenGL demo and test programs
  • xscreensaver useful for OpenGL testing, not so much as a screensaver.  It's left as an excercise for the reader to write a native .scr screensaver which starts an X server using  -displayfd and then runs the X screensaver on that server :-)
  • glean OpenGL test and benchmarking suite
  • buildbot-slave
  • llvm and llvm-gcc some experimental llvm packages

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