Cygwin/X bug list

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In no particular order, some reported bugs:

  • Various clipboard problems, either not working or only working intermittently for some people
  • Some Solaris clients die with a BadAlloc on a XkbSetNamedIndicator request
  • Some XView toolkit clients don't close with [x]
  • Rebuilt xkdvi crashes in XtGetApplicationResources
  • IRC report that -multimonitor -rooted with primary on right seems to misclculate the screen height somehow so some of the bottom of the X screen is invisible
  • XWarpCursor() doesn't in rootless modes (not a regression!)
Some cosmetic issues that I notice:

  • Minimized windows are moved to (0,0) not unmapped: this causes the irritating punch through of menus and tooltips when the frame of the active window overlaps the (apparently) minimized window in the X screen
  • Resizing a window frame doesn't move the X focus, so an open pop-up window which is a child of the resized window gets left behind
  • Mouse isn't captured when click dragging; this makes it very hard to work with X windows which draw their own decorations

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