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Too many passwords...

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musictracker 0.4.7 changes

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  • Correct the way we retrieve track artist info from WMP (#16)
  • Fix a problem where tune status could sometimes get left with stale data (e.g. if player was closed whilst pidgin was closed)
  • Apply patch from hyperair adding a timeout to dbus calls, so they cannot block indefinitely (hanging pidgin) if something has gone wrong in the target application (#13)
  • Fix restoring saved status so it correctly restores account-specific saved status (#11)
  • Attempt to avoid being told "MSN: Friendly name changes too rapidly" when player is stopped
  • Some more tidying up
  • Update libmpdclient to latest svn (revision 7402) (this fixes a file descriptor leak when an IPv6-enabled MPD is running) (#137, maybe #12?)
  • Enable MPD client in windows build
  • Fix type conversion warnings when building for x64 (#18)
  • Use dopen/dlsym to access XMMS2 client library, so it doesn't become a run-time dependency if we build with XMM2 support enabled

x86_64 crosscompilation

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I don't actually have an x86_64 machine to build or test stuff on, but since I had some issues reported with x86_64 compilation, I was wondering if I could cross-compile to x86_64 on my x86 machine to reproduce them.

Generating the toolchain on gentoo is pretty easy thanks to crossdev

USE="-*" crossdev -S --target x86_64-pc-linux-gnu

The gentoo cross-compilation guide explains how to cross-compile arbitrary packages

ROOT=/usr/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/ CBUILD="i686-pc-linux-gnu" CHOST="x86_64-pc-linux-gnu" emerge libpcre

Obviously can't test any of it works, though :S

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