pidgin monotone crosscompile for win32

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Some notes on cross-compiling current monotone pidgin for win32. Don't do this if you have even less of an idea about what you are doing than me :-)

  • You'll need a i686-mingw32 toolchain, obviously :-)
  • run ./ to use autotools to prepare the monotone sources for building
  • BuildingWinPidgin has most of the steps, but a few things didn't quite work for me
  • windres: icon file `some path' does not contain icon data
  • windres doesn't seem to do string literal concatentation after preprocessing, so the paths for various pixmaps aren't merged with the filename. Work around by editing the .rc file to have the correct full pathname (this is a bug in my version of windres)
  • makensis doesn't seem to like command switches introduced with "/", so change the Makefile.mingw to use "-"
  • makensis fails "Error: no branding image found in chosen UI!"
  • Workaround: comment out the line "!define MUI_HEADERIMAGE" in the .nsi file (this is a bug in my version of makensis)
  • makensis fails "Invalid command: System::Call"
  • gcc can't build the System plug-in properly. Workaround is to copy over Plugins\System.dll from a Windows install of nsis
  • Relative paths to gtk_installer in seem to have one too many "..\"
  • The msnp9 protocol plugin is the one built by default for windows at the moment, not the shiny new msnp15 protocol plugin (the opposite way around to the linux build). Since this is the thing I wanted to test with, change to match :-)

pidgin-musictracker has one additional dependency, libpcre, so you'll need to place a static library of that into win32-dev to link with as well...

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