musictracker fixed for the bugs which irritate me


musictracker is a most excellent now-playing plugin for the Pidgin multiprotocol IM client.

Unfortunately it seems to be un-maintained at the moment.

Here's an unofficial release with fixes for the bugs which irritate me

musictracker.dll for Windows for linux x86
musictracker-0.4.2-unofficial.patch source patch

Edit:if you want to tell me about a problem with this plugin, please go here rather than leaving a comment... I'll see it quicker :-)

Edit2:I've created a fork of musictracker at google code, go there for the most recent version

2008-07-10 (Version 0.4.2 unofficial)

  • Fix finding window for Foobar2000 and later
  • Don't crash if track info from player isn't valid UTF-8!
  • Get UTF-8 track info from iTunes and WMP
  • Avoid damaging valid UTF-8 track info when removing unprintable characters
  • If the track info message is empty, try to restore the status message selected in UI (e.g. for when your player stopped message is empty)
  • Remove use of modified MSN protocol plugin to append now-playing info to nickname (I suggest you use msn-pecan which supports personal messages)
  • Fixed to build with latest purple


Downloaded this when some music with accents was crashing pidgin, it works great. May I ask however why the size made such a large jump from 90KB to 2MB, it makes me a bit suspicious of the dll I'm sorry to say.

Wow, THANK YOU!!! This is working beautifully for me. So far so good!

I've been struggling with MusicTracker crashing and burning my Pidgin for a year now. It is so nice to be able to play all my tunes without having to worry about funky chars in the ID3 tags.

You are my hero!


Wow, it's huge! Looking into this it seems I forgot to strip debugging information from the DLL. Should be fixed in later releases.

Other than the size which kind of shocked me, it works incredibly well, props to you my friend, now it no longer crashes when I play things such as Once which the female singers name has accents.

Thanks Again


hi i tried your .so and compiled myself but crashes with some tracks:

*** glibc detected *** /usr/bin/pidgin: free(): invalid pointer: 0xbfe60994 ***

see the full gdb log here:

thank you SO MUCH FOR THE DLL. I was about 5 seconds from switching over to another IM client, after having all my accounts wiped for the n-th time. You are my hero.

I just wish the fork would have been higher in google search results so I wouldn't have bothered with that old plugin for so long!

yeah, works like a charm! thanks for the dll.
maybe you should make a complete pidgin fork altogether. it would be much more user-firendly. ;)

Thanks for the mod.

Any chance you could post the source some where like google code, so some one else could pick up the baton an run with it if they wanted to improve this?

Once again thanks.

@previous 2 commenters

I've created a fork of musictracker at google code

Hey, great job. Thanks

Yay! the plugin is back alive now@!! well done.

Thanks SO much for this!

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