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Phase Three Detectives

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I was wandering around [confidential] one afternoon, on my usual way from point X to point Y, when a T-shirt (worn by someone) caught my eye. Some kind of logo, "type three detectives", some kind of URL.  This phrase stuck in my head, so later I did a web search, which turned up http://www.typethreedetectives.com/. Hmm.

Later still, this got kind of jumbled up in my mind with three-phase power supplies and Phase IV (Saul Bass, 1973) [Ants and primary colours] and I started to wonder what the "Phase Three Detectives" would be like...

Obviously, there should be 3 of them, with contrasting personalities and investigative approaches, that more or less writes itself.

It also seems likely that they would employ methods of criminology so advanced as to appear implausible to our every-day sensibilities. For example one might be sensitive to the psychic vibrations left behind at the scene of the crime, and use them to understand the motives of the criminal, another may be trained by Tibetan priests in secret mental disciplines to observe the scene of the crime, note tiny pieces of evidence, from which he then rigorously reconstructs the entire crime in Holmesian fashion.

At this point I found myself wondering when the original TV series was made? But perhaps I've taken this too far...

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